11 July 2011


Last friday I went to Forever 21 at the SM Mega Mall branch cause it was their anniversary sale and  there alot of awesome finds! :)
here are some photos of what I got:
SHOES: these weren't on sale but they were affordable enough to buy! :)
These were orginally 1,400+ but I got them for only around 600+! such a steal! :)
These weren't on sale but they were only around PHP500 and they were so cute! I just had to get them! :)
This top was so cute that I really didn't care whether or not it was the last piece! I jut had to get it. I think it was around 300 when I got it. :)
This is a very cute top! I think this was also on sale!
This one was not on sale but it was below 1k so it was a pretty good steal! :)
This was also not on sale but this was a steal! it was only around 500 pesos and its so perfect for the cold rainy weather we've been having! :)

So I guess I bought some stuff that weren't part of the sale, but the things I got were so cheap that it really didn't matter whether it was on sale or not! That's one of the things i adore about Forever 21! they're prices are reasonably cheap and their clothes are very comfy and easy to style and use to reflect one's personality and taste and style! :)

Hope everyone else has fun shopping! :)


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