15 July 2011


July 12, 2011
 Last Tuesday, Scent, Ged and I went to Wensha timog, for a spa date. It was supposedly a somehow mini reunion of us "Amnesty Girls" before Scent leaves for the States permanently. Initially, there was supposed to be Four of us that day but something came up and Paola wasn't able to come. :(
Here's a few snaps of that relaxing, funny and wonderful day:
Wensha was a full on wellness center, complete with a buffet meal and shabu-shabu! :)
I wasn't able to get much shots cause it turns out that they had a no photo's policy so we just took photo's after our spa experience! :)
After our experience in Wensha, we went to eastwood to take ged to where she was suppose to ride so that she could go home, when we all suddenly craved dimsum! ;)
Ged took shots of our dimsum experience at causeway! :)
the outcome of our craving!haha! :))
what a fun and relaxing night with my girls! :)

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