19 July 2012


29 July 2012
Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went out on a date. He goes to aviation school in clark, pampanga so we only get to see each other on weekends, when he comes home so we always make sure to make the most out of it. 
We went out on a typical date night, we watched a movie, batman: the dark knight rises of course! and then we were supposed to meet up with my best friend to have dinner at  technohub since they opened up Mezza Norte, a Mercato Centrale for us north dwellers LOL.
For those who have no clue on what I just said, Mezza Norte and Mercato centrale are  food places, I can't exactly call it a restaurant cause its a mix of different food stalls, its more like a food bazaar or a food fair or food market (sort of, all the goods they sell are cooked or baked).  Anyway, Mercato is located in The Fort in Taguig so its really far from where I live so when they opened up the Mezza Norte in commonwealth Technohub, which is basically 30 minutes away from my house, I was ecstatic! My boyfriend and I wanted to eat there for dinner but it rained so hard before we could leave so we decided to eat there some other time. 
Anyway, back to my date story. Despite the fact that we cancelled our dinner plan, we didn't really have much problem of thinking where we were going to eat cause as food lovers we always had a list of places we wanted to try! LOL! That's why our diets don't work when were together! We decided to try this fast food chicken restaurant in SM North Edsa called 4 FINGERS. Its actually a bit like Bon Chon, another really popular Korean Fried Chicken Food Chain here in Manila.
I won't go over the details of what we ate cause we ordered the same thing, 6pcs. of fried chicken in soy garlic sauce with rice. For 220PHP, I can call this sulit! Here are the photos of the place and our food:

LOL my boyfriend was really hungry! Can you guess which of these are mine? 
CLUE: I have my utensils fixed!

We had a great time! this was a really cool restaurant we'd surely go back to. The food was  great, it really did taste like Bon Chon's Chicken but then again, what do you expect from a fast food chain that both sells korean fried chicken? 
Til next time!

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