23 September 2012


Went to Jake's niece's 3rd birthday with him! I initially planned on wearing this outfit plus the heels but I decided otherwise cause I didn't know what the place looked like or if it was good enough to wear heels to since the venue was all the way in Bulacan plus we had to buy a gift first and that meant a lot of walking around in the mall and I wasn't totally up for walking so much with these heels so I wore my ballet flats instead (i didn't get to take a photo of it though since I was already in a hurry). Anyway after the birthday party, I went with my boyfriend to watch his big brother's basketball game but when we arrived at the court, they haven't started so we decided to leave cause I had to drop by my office mate's team building/party before he takes me home.
Now on to my outfit, I really like loose tops mostly because I don't really like clothes that restrict my movements, especially since I move a lot, so when I raided my mom's closet and saw this really pretty light orange top from Zara, I just had to borrow it!
I'm not really a fan of Jeggings, I hated the trend because even though they look like jeans, they are still leggings and then people started to wear jeggings as if they were actual jeans, it was a horrible trend. So when I saw these charlotte Russe jeans, I fell in love! they are more like leggings but its actually jeans cause it has an actual zipper and a button but feels like you're wearing leggings cause its very comfortable, unlike a real jegging wherein the cloth looks like jeans but its actually just a pair very deceiving leggings, which if not worn properly, can make someone look awkward wearing one.
Any way, before I say bye bye, here's a few photos of the birthday party I attended:

Birthday girl attempting to blow out her candle! :)
Jake and his brothers goofing around. They were picking on their youngest brother. :D
Enjoying her prize! Her fave gummies!
Play time with ninong(godfather) jake! :D
That's all!
I was wearing:
Zara Top
Charlotte Russe Leggings or Jeggings
Michael Antonio Heels
Zara Bag
Belt was given to me by a friend



  1. I just like how you relate your personal style blog to your typical normal life. It is very refreshing and very relatable. Love the pictures too. Nice and thank you for sharing.



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