06 October 2012


Hello, Hello! :)
I recently posted about the Chanel bag I have in this outfit post and I wrote there that I would use it soon! LOL
I act fast! haha! I used the bag to work last night (yes, I am on a night shift :[). I decided to use it to work cause I knew that It would be the safest place I could take it to cause all I'd do to it would be to leave it in a safe place and get it only when I have to get something inside. haha! Anyway, it was dress down friday and since I work during the night, I decided to keep it comfy and simple so I decided to wear my extra comfy jeans and a cotton top, black flats to match my bag and a tint of red for my lips! I don't really have much to say cause I just took these photos as fast as I could cause my camera died on me. :(
Anyway, this is a very simple look and I know it does look extra ordinary but usually when I go to work, I like to feel comfortable since I would be sitting down and looking at the computers for 7 hours a day! I'm still not wearing enough accessories cause I find it hinders or annoys me when I type cause it  scratches against my table at my work station so I just keep opting for my wrist watch which I didn't get to wear when I took this photo.
Anyway, I hope you  had a great weekend! :)
Marks & Spencer Blouse
Bullhead Extreme Skinny jeans
H&M Flats
Chanel Bag


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