27 October 2012


I wore this to work last night, it was raining hard and for some reason I felt a little girly so I went with a dress but I wore my sweater on top just to keep myself warm. I wore a pair of booties I have not worn in a long time, I think its because I've been programmed to think that boots are for cold weather; especially since these were suede booties, but then again its rarely cold here in manila so when it finally became colder than usual, I went for it! :) 

BTW, I pulled a double shift at work so that means I stayed in the office for more than 16 hours! Good thing the halloween party was of the same day so I didn't work the whole time :)

I'll post photos of the halloween party soon. Also, sorry for the not so good quality photos, this wasn't supposed to be an outfit shot but I guess I changed my mind. I really just took these photos cause I wanted to see what it looks like on me.

I'm still a little bit unsure if I'm gonna start blogging here or continue on my wordpress blog. Til then, see you on the next post! :)

Forever 21 top
Forever 21 dress
Forever 21 booties

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