11 October 2012


So mom just purchased another bag from the internet, okay, I don't know why but my mom has suddenly turned into a certified online shopper. Literally! She's in love with those Facebook online stores that sells authentic designer bags at cheaper prices. Granted that some of them are pre-owned and some of them are brand new, but the important thing is, their still in mint condition. I don't really know if this bag is pre-owned or brand new but to be honest, I totally don't care! I mean, look at it! its gorgeous! Its simple, toned down but its silver and neon detail give it that "wow" factor! This would definitely liven up any plain outfit. Can't wait for me to get to use it!haha!

P.S. Have you seen anything different from my photos??? I finally found a photo editing tool that's just right!!! :D I'm a novice at photo editing so photoshop is useless to me, I now use PicMonkey!!! :) I'm so glad I found out about it! yay! :) That is all. :) Til next post! xx


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