28 October 2012


Like I've said in my previous post, it was our office's anual halloween party, and the theme this year was "Pinoy Thriller" which meant that we were supposed to decorate our stations with themes or ideas from our own folklore or native stories. For our department's theme, we were given the task of designing our station with the theme "Diwata" or fairies, so that basically meant, nothing scary. :| 

I guess that's why we went with colorful and weird at the same time, we thought to ourselves that fairies aren't really scary so we might just make our theme whimsical, fantasy-esq and weird at the same time. 
One of the best dressed/costumed office mate of the day. haha!

The remaining photos were taken on the day of the halloween party. I didn't get to take lots of photos cause my camera died on me. :( that's what I get for not checking if my SLR and Point-shoot cameras if they had batteries. I had to take my mom's point and shoot just so I could get a few photos of this day! BTW, aren't the kids so adorable?!?! haha! 

Before I end this post, Here are a few photo booth shots from that day. :) 



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