26 October 2012


My Brothers
I just love  flower girls! aside from the bride, these little girls are the ones I look forward to watch walk down the aisle! what batch of people do you love to watch walk down the aisle?
My mom with the mother of the groom/family friend.
The Entourage getting ready. It was so hard to walk around the ground! my heels kept sinking in the soil! Tsk Tsk!
By far the cutest and most adorable and feisty flower girl I've ever seen! She felt like she owned the place! posed for all the camera men that were supposed to video and photograph the whole event! haha! So adorable! :)
The Altar, very pretty.

The groom.
The Flower Girls getting ready to walk down the aisle! See what I meant about her being so feisty and adorable? She just strutted her stuff even when the coordinators didn't give her the go signal! haha! :D
The Bride. I honestly found it weird that she didn't have a bouquet of flowers while walking down the aisle or anywhere. I couldn't get a decent photo cause the official photographers were busy fixing her up. 
My brother and I with the Sister of the groom. :) 
The decorations and the ambiance of the reception was just beautiful! I love the lighting and the centerpieces. I loved how they disguised the cages of the doves and the ceiling! I just didn't get why the cake had to have red decorations, it was the only thing that had a red theme.
The Appetizer.
Since the groom's family were from palawan, the wedding reception dinner was filled with crabs and prawns! I didn't get to take food photos cause I was already starving and the ones that I took weren't really "blog worthy" so I just decided to post these two dishes which I rarely see at weddings.
My mom and I. Waiting for our car to come around. :)


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