23 October 2012


Went to a wedding last Sunday (10/21/2012).  The venue was very pretty! I'll blog about that soon! For now this is the outfit I put together for the event. The wedding was a garden wedding so I decided to be sweet and simple, since I really wasn't gonna take part in the ceremony, I could wear anything I wanted, so I decided to wear this cotton-lace dress and a peach colored blazer to make it a bit more formal.
I didn't get to accessorize cause, as I've said before, I'm really not an accessories kind of girl plus I was being a slow poke getting ready that I didn't get a chance to pick out what would go with my outfit, but my mom made me wear her gorgeous earrings and that is paired with the ring above (isn't it gorgeous?! I didn't get to take a photo of the earrings but it looked exactly like the ring except its a pair of earrings!)
Anyway, watch out for my post about the wedding! :)

Forever 21 Blazer
Zara Dress
Prada Bag
Michael Antonio Heels



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