30 October 2012


Okay, I know this is a post long overdue, but as I've always said to myself: "Better Late than Never"
So here it is! For those who don't know ( I'm not even sure someone actually reads my blog posts, but meh, I'm just gonna pretend someone does) my friend Patrick made a blog post about what's inside a woman's purse and tagged me as one of his inspirations for the said post so, naturally, I felt the need to reply to that! LOL. It took me sometime to get around to actually doing this post cause I've been too preoccupied with work. But nevertheless, I hope this goes well.
To start off, there are a a lot of different kinds of bags, from clutches to purses to bags, there are a different variations of them. But for this post, I'll go with the basics, or some of the basics for me, at least.

Now I love fashion, I love bags, but I'm not one to be extremely specific when it comes to all the names of the different styles of designs that bags come in, so for this set, I've added a corresponding number to the bags and I'll probably just call it what I want.

So for the first(1) bag, I call it my beach bag, why? because it looks like its meant to be taken out for the beach plus its really big so you can put the ff inside:

a. beach towel 
b. a small umbrella you can use to protect yourself from the sun 
c. Sunscreen (obviously)
 d. sun glasses (unless you're already wearing them) 
e. extra clothes (to change with after you sun bathe or swim or whatever, it the beach.)

For the second and third bag, I usually use them whenever I want, I call them my casual day to day bags. These two bags are probably my absolute favorite bags in my entire closet cause they go well with everything I have and I can put as much stuff I want and it still wont look frumpy or weird looking. Some of the things I occasionally have inside these bags that can fit are:

a. a thin, light jacket (if I'm not wearing it) 
b. a book (if I'm reading one) 
c. sun glasses w/case 
d. my iPad (yes, it fits inside my bag too, occasionally)

Some of the things I always carry in these bags (1,2 and 3) are these: Ipod|Lip Balm|Headset|Ballpen(not my actual pen, I lost my real one)|CellPhone|Digicam/SLR|Makeup kit|Wallet|Alcohol|Wet Wipes|I.D.| Blotting Paper

For the next set of bags, I usually use these when I know I'm not gonna need so much stuff, or when I'm just feeling lazy and I don't want to go through the hassle of constantly going through the contents of my bag with my hand every time I need something or when I just want a smaller bag. These are my shoulder bags/ purses:

For these bags, I usually have to prioritize what I actually need so that they could fit inside my tiny purse. Don't be fooled by their size though, these bags are filled with compartments and spaces, it'll shock you! 
My particular favorite is the Esprit shoulder bag ( the one behind the black bag at the very front) cause it has two front compartments; the first one , you can put your credit cards, I.D.'s and other thin or paper like items, like blotting paper, tissue or whatnots while the second compartment can store your cellphone, Ipod, wallet and sun glasses (if you get a smaller wallet, cause mine is huge!).

On a side note, Let me just tell you that most of these bags are from my mom when she was a teenager? Amazing right? I sure hope that one day I can hand my things down to my daughter (if I ever have one) in perfect shape!

Anyway, here's a photo of what I always have when I use these bags: Ipod|Ear Phones|Lip Balm|Lip Stick|Ball pen|CellPhone|Digicam|Smaller Wallet|Alcohol|I.D.| Blotting Paper

 I actually forgot to take a photo of the next set of bags but they're pretty easy to think of, they're the ones I use whenever I go out with my friends for a night out or a party. Often times these are thinner or smaller than the shoulder bags above These bags are also known as the clutch or the hand bag, since they are so small, you literally have to clutch them or hold them if you don't wanna lose them. Since these bags are TINIER than shoulder bags (the bags above), I have to extra prioritize what I put inside.

Lip Balm|Lip Stick|Ball pen|CellPhone|Digicam|Smaller Wallet|Alcohol|I.D.| Blotting Paper|Cheek Tint|Face Powder

Last but not the least, the Sports bag!
We ladies also need to go to the gym to keep fit so here's what I always bring whenever I visit the gym: Extra Clothes|Flip Flops|Towel|Alcohol|CellPhone|iPod|BallPen|Lip Balm|Ear Phones|Camera|Blotting paper|I.D.|Wallet|Shampoo|soap|Boxing Gloves|Hand Wraps (I forgot to include them in the photo)

There you have it! Mystery solved! These are what's usually in my bag/purse. of course there are times that these vary but always, these are what you'll find my my bag. 
What's inside yours? :)



  1. I thought I was the only one who has bags for certain occasions. Lol! Cool post Sarah!

    - Ina :]

    1. hey! yeah, I basically just sorted my bags into how much I can usethem! :D follow me! :D


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