20 November 2012


So last sunday, my mum, brothers and I went out to watch the movie Skyfall. I don't really know how I feel about the movie cause I personally feel that the story the made is too shallow or maybe the producers and directors were just proving that the Bond series is an action movie? cause that's all I actually got from it, action.
Anyway, after the movie we went on to have dinner at..McDonalds! LOL no, just kidding. We had dinner at Abe. 
Abe is a restaurant that serves filipino cuisine. 
They serve filipino appetizers, main course dishes, desserts, snacks. Personally I think this restaurant aims to bring filipino cuisine to the upper class (seriously, look at their menu and you'd see a dish around 500PHP!). Back to the food, I really like that they give out the feel of how filipino food is made or cooked by their presentation (look at the bamboo rice below!), and of course the taste of the food. :)
You can tell that they made sure to include dishes from several parts of the Philippines (that's a lot considering that the Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands!)
Bamboo Rice
(trivia: when I was in High School, we went on a field trip to Subic to see how indigenous tribes preserve their way of life and they actually taught us how to cook rice in bamboo!) 
Laing, a dish from my province, Bicol.
Knock out Knuckles or as we commonly call it, Crispy Pata. 

For those who are wondering what branch of Abe we ate at, its the one in TriNoma, its beside the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf so if you ever decide to eat Filipino food, this is one restaurant you should consider despite their food's pricing cause their serving is actually pretty good :)




  1. Wow..!! Sarap nman... Gusto kng mkatikim ng Bamboo Rice..
    Saan ba ito mabibili..?? hehe

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    1. hey! :)
      mabibili mo yan sa Abe, I wrote it on the blog. :)
      nice site..
      if I need a new widget, I'll definitely look for it on your blog :)



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