09 November 2012


Baguio Cathedral
Last november 01, my family and I went up to Baguio for the long weekend. We haven't gone up there for almost more than 3 years I think, so when we got to the city, we got so lost! We couldn't even find the landmarks we always used when we were there! haha! anyway, we got there early with plenty of time to go around the city and rediscover it again but I suddenly got a bad case of the Migraine and had to stay in bed. So these photos are from our second day in Baguio. :) 
After the church, we went and had lunch at the Sizzling Plate where my mum and dad got all nostalgic and said that that is the restaurant where my brother burned his hand when he was around 2 years old cause he dipped it in hot soup!haha! 
Mum and I waiting for my dad and brother to bring the car around. :)
Well, this is what we did on the first half of the day. I'll make a separate post for what we did after lunch cause I don't want this post to be very long! :)


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