25 November 2012




While we were at Sonya's Garden, we had brunch there (that was actually the main reason why we went there). 
Sonya's Garden's restaurant is known for serving organic and fresh meals; Everything they use is organically grown in their farm, from the fruits to the vegetables to the cheese and the ingredients they use for their recipes; and for its sit down buffet (meaning, you can eat as much as you want and not even get out of your seat!). They're also a bit pricey but for the health buff in every person who loves buffets, this is a must try! I love ambiance they created in the restaurant too, its very comfy, nature-y and cool. I could just stay there all day and still not be bored by my surroundings! I definitely will want to go back there some day; probably with my friends or my boyfriend. :) 
BTW, Sonya's Garden is also a Bed and Breakfast and a Spa, so if you just wanna getaway or relax or be lazy or if you just wanna get out of the city and do nothing (I really have no idea what activities you can do at a bed & breakfast) I suggest you try or check out what Sonya's Garden has to offer. :)



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