28 November 2012


Aside from my Forever 21 haul, I also got a chance to finally get a copy of this book: "The Chronicles of Narnia". I know it seems odd, I haven't really finished reading The Game of Thrones but I just had to get this! It was as if I was meant to buy it! earlier that day my dad and I had watched the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" and I told dad that I wanted to get a copy of the book if I can ever find the whole series. And BADABOOM! When my mum and brother and I went to the book store, I turned around and this is what looked me in the eye (literally, I turned around to see what books were on the other shelf and Aslan was looking me in the eye)! This book is all the series books combined into one volume, so now I have the complete series of Narnia! :D Can't wait to finally finish reading the book! So far I'm almost done with "The Magician's Nephew" and I am liking it! :)


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