15 November 2012


As I've mentioned in this post, I decided to change my shoes cause I got scared that the texture or the suede might get ruined so I opted for something more rain proof or durable! my trusty Doc Martens! I don't always get to wear this pair as much as I would love to cause I don't really have a lot of outfits to pair them on with but I am currently working on that! haha! 

Anyway, isn't it amazing how a pair of shoes can instantly change how an outfit looks? on my first choice, my booties made this simple outfit look more girly and sophisticated but still casual while pairing this outfit up with these Doc Martens, it made the look more edgy and young casual, does anybody get my point? no, well, that's okay. You can just observe the photos and see the difference the shoes make for the over all look!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Forever 21 Shirt
Charlotte Russe Jeggings
Dr. Martens Boots
Vintage Bag

P.S. I'm thinking of doing more "ONE OUTFIT, TWO LOOKS" like this. Like I said earlier, a different pair of shoes can make an outfit's entire look change. I'm thinking of doing more posts about how one accessory or a pair of shoes, a bag, a jacket or any piece of clothing can make one outfit have two different looks. Any thoughts about my idea? :)

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