11 November 2012


One of the perks of having a working environment that allows you to dress how you want, provided that you keep it decent (i.e. no mini skirts, backless, and you know the kind of outfits you shouldn't wear at work) is that we have a day called dress down friday. Yep, you can probably tell what I'm trying to get at, anyway, since its the -ber months here in tropical Philippines, temperatures are a little bit cooler, its a bit more rainy and windy nowadays. For some, its time to bring out some of those jackets you keep only for when you go somewhere really cold but for others like me, its time to use the weather as an excuse to wear those booties and boots you've been dying to wear!

Back to my outfit, I wanted to wear these booties out to work today but I didn't want to get all dressed up just because its dress down friday so I decided to wear something extra simple like jeans and a shirt and let the booties do all the talking. But alas, it started to rain before I could head out and the OC in me feared that the suede of my booties might get ruined so I decided to change into something more weather proof! Check out my next post to find out what I mean! :D

Hope you have a lovely friday! xx

Forever 21 Shirt
Charlotte Russe Jeggings
Charles & Keith Booties
Vintage Bag


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