06 November 2012


Just wanted to share a GIF I made in honor of my Boyfriend's first solo flight! I didn't get to see him fly in person cause I didn't know he was going to be allowed so soon and on a week day ( we talked about how his first solo flight might happen the weekend of that week) so to make myself feel a teeny tiny better, here's a gif of his first flight!

I know, it kinda makes me feel like I was there the whole time! I'm so happy for him! Its such a huge step and achievement for him because I know he's a step closer to achieving his dream job.

I know he's going to be a successful pilot someday. But right now all I can hope is that he takes off and lands his plane in one perfect piece. I can't help but worry for his safety because I know that being a pilot is really a dangerous job, despite the fact that it sounds like a glamourous and awesome career (which it really is) but I always get scared that between the time his plane flies and the time he lands it, something might go wrong. I don't wanna think about it cause I don't want to scare myself. I know he can handle it and I know that he's doing great. *dilemmaofaparanoidsafetyfreakgirlfriend*

All I can hope for is the best.
Congratulations for my chubBieY!


I know this post is overly delayed but he just posted the photos on his FB now so I just got to grab it and make this. :D

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