15 November 2012


Hi everyone! this is pretty random, but I just wanted to share with you guys this new photo editing site I've recently discovered. Its called Pixlr.com. I know, I know, its been around for a while now! and its the editing tool that Lookbook.nu uses! Okay, confession, that's how I found out about it! Anyway, I've been looking for a photo editing tool that would allow me to edit my photos as simply and as fast as possible. I can't really use Photoshop cause I am dead hopeless on learning it and ever since I bit the Apple (ha! get it? no? nevermind) I haven't been able to get hold of a photo editing app as easy as the one I used to use which is Photoscape! 
I've been using Picasa for editing for almost 2 years now and I have a love-hate relationship with it. Picasa doesn't really offer a lot of the things I used to use in Photoscape but I love its batch editor and the simplicity it gives. A few months ago (okay, more like just 2 months ago), I found out about PicMonkey.com through heartifb.com, I like it! the site is very cute and photo editing is very simple! But there are some features that can only be used if you buy it, so  that's one thing I don't really like about it. 
Pixlr.com is really easy to use, its got more features than picasa, it has more free features than picmonkey and its really easy to use! I only wish that in the future pixlr gets to make a software so I can download it like Picasa! :) also, a batch editor would be 

Well, that's it for my little happy rant! I'm off to bed now! :)

If anyone knows any Photo editing tool I can download that's as easy to use as pixlr, picmonkey, picasa and photoscape, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! THANK YOU! :)


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