14 November 2012


After our stop over at the Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine, we headed our way to lunch! We went to Isdaan, this is another tradition we have whenever we go to Baguio, we always eat at this place because its so interesting and you won't see anything like this in Manila. They have an area wherein you can release your frustrations by throwing objects at a wall and shout "TACSIYAPO" I don't really know what that means but the waiter said that its a curse word in kapangpangan(a dialect used in Pangasinan Province) so I could not help but think now that its an inappropriate word to scream especially if the ones doing most of the throwing are little kids. Plus I find it ironic that they wrote do not scream profanity, scream tacsyapo instead, which is really a dialect of a profanity! LOL!
The whole restaurant is a floating restaurant which is why every guest eats in a hut, the restaurant is, after all called Isdaan which means Fish Pond in english.
The inside of the hut we ate in had masks, native baskets and a bunch of other native things! Truly a Filipino restaurant!
The food we ate for lunch! Mama Chits Bilao!
Yummy food! :)

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