13 November 2012


On our way back home to Manila, My family went to the Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine to hear mass. This has always been a tradition of ours and we never not stop over for it. The shrine  is said to be miraculous because of the Lady of Manaoag, I don't really know why or how it became miraculous but it is, so there. I love the interior and the structure of this church, it reminds me of how during the spanish era of the Philippines was. I swear, if the Filipinos weren't slaves to the Spaniards then, I would have loved to live in that era. The clothes, the culture, the houses, it feels so classic. I guess that's just the nostalgic and old-y in me that yearns for all things vintage, talking. Anyway, here are a few shots of the church.
Its a pity that the church has been marred with today's new materials. But I guess even the church, in a way, has to keep up with the changing times. I would have loved to see this church back in its prime!

This shirt has nothing to do with the place, I just had to share it cause my brother wore it and I just found it clever!haha! Foreigners might not understand it cause its in tagalog but it says:
My Favorite subject is M.A.T.H.=
Meryenda(snack), Almusal(breakfast), Tanghalian(lunch), Hapunan(Dinner)


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