04 November 2012


I recently just wrote on my WP blog about my decision to move my blog here from WP. I love my blog there but personally, I feel that moving my blog here is a better move for me because of these reasonsAlthough I've moved, it doesn't mean that I'm perfectly happy with Bloggers layout. i love it's simplicity and ease of use but I can't help but wish that there are some features from WP I love that I wish Blogger has too. 

Here's a list of those features:

  1. CATEGORIES. This I think is one of the best features WP.com has. Its very convenient because you can easily organize your posts into a specific topic. You can also use this feature as a Menu option for your blog.
  2. MENU OPTION. In WP.com, you have the ability to create your blog's menu. You can either use the categories, your saved links, even your pages (both stand alone and link pages).
  3. ASKIMET. This I think is very important because it protects your blog from spam by segregating potential spam comments from actual comments. I have to admit though, I'm not entirely sure if Blogger has this or not.
  4. COMMENT NOTIFICATIONS. This I think is extremely important, especially if your a professional blogger, now maybe I'm just still new at Blogger but I've had a few comments here that I would not have noticed unless I visited a certain post. Yes, I know that there's a comment status at the overview page of the blog, but c'mon, I think we need a more specific feature for that!
  5. PUBLICIZE. For a widely used blogging platform, I'm a little bit disappointed that Blogger doesn't have this feature. As you can probably already tell, I have a lot of social network site (see my sidebar widgets) so I need to be able to update these sites whenever I have a new blogpost. Moving to Blogger I realize that I would be losing the convenience of having my blog automatically send my new posts to my tumblr, twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Linkedin, etc. I think this is one of THE MOST NECESSARY feature that a blogger needs.
  6. SPELL CHECK. One of the most important feature of WordPress that I think SHOULD be available here on Blogger is the spell check option. I mean, come on, I think everyone knows that a blogger needs this for a better content. I'm quite sad and surprised that Blogger doesn't have this feature. 
That's about it! 6 things I WordPress has that I wish Blogger had too. What other features do you wish blogger had?

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