08 December 2012


When my officemates and I had our mini christmas party, we also had our exchanged gifts. This is what I asked for! I've always wanted to buy nail polish from etude house but I never really get a chance to grab one every time I go inside that store. For some reason, I always end up in front either the skin care section or the make up section but never the one in between (which is the nail polishes). Anyway, I finally have a new set of fresh nail polish! Will start being a girly girl now. My nails are a mild case of Orange as I type this. :)

Another thing why I like Etude House's products is that they are cheap yet very effective and of really good quality! seriously, I bought a toner from them late last year for about 500-800 Pesos and I'm still just half way through! I use this toner every day BTW. So far my orange nails are very pretty and I like that it doesn't scream "Look at my nails, its orange!" but rather it sort of states "I'm a pretty in orange gal" Its very light too so you can load up the coating or not to get the color or vibrance you want. :)

check out Etude House's FB page to see what they have to offer, or better yet visit one of their stores! As far as I'm concerned, I always see one on SM malls. :)



  1. Love those colors. They all look so refreshing.
    haley www.instyleforless.org

    1. Thanks Haley!
      I find them refreshing as well! Especially since the colors remind me of summer! :)



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