12 December 2012


Ate at one of my favorite local food chains last Saturday and I have to admit, I missed eating in this place so much!
Okay, I know I didn't get to say where or what this restaurant is cause I just had to announce that I got to eat Inasal again, so now let me tell you about this restaurant. :)
Mang Inasal is sort of a semi fast food chain that sells local or native filipino dishes that are loved by both filipinos and tourist sold at really affordable prices! Of course, their best seller has got to the the Chicken Inasal. Inasal is a local dialect/term (I'm not really sure which one) for the word Grill so Chicken Inasal is really translated as Grilled Chicken. Mang Inasal started a few years ago, in Iloilo City, Bacolod and it instantly became a hit! Soon after, they branched out to Manila and then all over the Philippines! 
I believe that the success of this franchise is that it reached out to the masses with its affordable menu and its Unlimited Rice promo also, they promote filipino dishes which I think is the best part because Filipino cuisine is as diverse as the history of the Philippines itself; our cuisines are influenced by the Spanish, Chinese, and the Americans while keeping the native goodness or character of our dishes. Keeping in mind that since the Philippines is an archipelago, one dish is served differently at every region or province or town.
Okay, I'm starting to rant again, back to the topic. The photo I have above is my favorite dish! Its from their Paborito Meal menu which includes an Inasal and the unlimited rice promo I mentioned above. The one I ordered is PM2 or the Pecho(Thigh) part. This is probably the only part I order there cause its the biggest and the meatiest! They also have a thigh part which is also pretty big and pork barbecue which is pretty good as well. Aside from their Rice meals, I'd also suggest trying out their Dinuguan, which is cooked blood (I'm not really sure which animal nor do I want to get into the details, but trust me, its clean and its SO good!)
Anyway, if any of you ever go to the Philippines but don't get a chance to go everywhere, try going to Mang Inasal so you can at least try some of what the Philippines has got to offer!

**the food their serve is pretty much commercialized already but its still really good! To know more about Mang Inasal, here is their FB Page.

Let me know if you've tried eating at Mang Inasal and let me know how it went! :)


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