02 December 2012


Told ya I was addicted to my Audrey Hepburn bag!haha! I have been using this bag for almost more than a week now and I have no plans of changing! :) 
Anyway, I wore this outfit when my mum and I watched breaking dawn II and then had dinner with the rest of the family and my love at Buffet 101 [click this for 1 and this for 2]. I knew I'd be eating a lot later that day so I went with something loose and comfy so that when my tummy got bloated with food, no one would notice it that much! haha! I bought that top along with the dress I wore to my cousin's wedding because as I said in this post, I cannot be trusted to buy just one item when I'm in a Forever 21 boutique! 
back to my outfit, I'm pretty proud to say that I got this sweater for a bargain! I got this at around 600PHP(I forgot the actual price but I do remember it was around 600) but its original tag price was around 1,200PHP (estimating... I also forgot it. :[, miss forgetful right here!). I guess this is one of the reasons why I never get to buy JUST ONE item when I'm in this store! there's so much good deals to find! you just have to know where and when to look.
So please don't be surprised if on my next OOTD posts, I'm usually wearing clothes from Forever 21, I just love that freakin place ever since I first stepped into one when I went to the U.S.A!

Forever 21 Sweater
Forever 21 Oxford Flats
Charlie Skirt



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