04 December 2012


These are the ingredients we always have whenever my friends and I have a house party. Of course, in this particular party, we had a pool. So needless to say, things got very wet after we ate and drank a little to All of the bottles present!

Anyway, my friends and I had a pool party cause 2 of our friends are celebrating their birthday and 1 of our friends is leaving for the U.S.A. :( Here are some shots that evening! It was so fun! I was just laughing and bonding with some of my closest friends! being thrown into the pool TWICE! and running away from my shots when its my turn! (a first I must say) 
After we ate and drank a little, it was tradition in our group that whenever we had a party at our friend's house, all first timers (meaning those who attended the party the for the first time) are required to be thrown into the pool first. Being that I was one of the first timers, I had to join in on this tradition.
Even though I didn't know some of the people who came to that party I could still say that overall it was a great party! Why? cause I got sick the next day!haha! Just kidding, I say so because I missed my friends and we all got a chance to talk and bond like we used to in college! Plus my friend Josyn had a Chicken at her house to remind us that we were still in the pool at the crack of dawn!
See? haha!

How do you spend time with your friends?


Sorry for the not so good photos, we were drinking and my SLR isn't water proof so we all had to make do with our water proof digicams! (I'd include some photos but we are all terrible at taking underwater shots, so I'd like to spare everyone the humiliation of being seen in a not so attractive way (especialy me :D)



  1. A fun tradition aswell as a nice array of photo's from the night! :) Looks like you all had a blast!! and a great catch up with friends.

    haha no need to check the time, when you had a cockerel huh! ;)

    ▲_▲ HYENA

    1. Thanks! :) We did have a great time! So great I ended up catching a fever for staying too long in the pool and not drying myself up well! It was worth it though! :)

      Yeah, I honestly hadn't realized that it was already late until the cockerel started making noises! :D



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