18 January 2013


Hello, Hello! I officially just got back from Cebu for a bit of bonding and R&R with my friends!
We arrived at Mactan, Cebu around 8pm so we decided to meet up with one of my friend's cousin and grab dinner at the same time after we had settled our things in our hotel. We ate at Kuc's Kitchen which is located at the IT park. The IT park sort of reminded me of The Fort or BGC here in Manila, anyway, its one of Cebu's business district.
The food at Kuc's Kitchen was really good and cheap even though the service was utterly poor. I don't know whether it was because it was late when we got there or if it really was just slow. Anyway, my friends and I enjoyed our meal and then headed off back to our hotel as we were leaving extremely early the next morning! :)
I'll be splitting my Cebu posts into a bunch of parts so that it won't look like one big photo dump post! :)
Watch out for the next one!


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