22 January 2013


When we got to our resort and got settled, we decided to go snorkeling and island hopping at the same time (actually, we just visited one island and then snorkeled there)
Getting to our snorkeling location via a Banka took around 30 minutes, it was quite windy and cloudy that day so I'd say it was a perfect day for a day on the beach; not much sun so we didn't have to worry that much about getting sun burned and the prickly heat! :)

Upon arriving at our destination island, this is the view that greeted us:
There were almost no people on the island, except for of course, the keepers of the island. BTW, the Island that we went to is named Virgin Island, I think its because there really is no place to stay over night, if you want, you're gonna have to use tents and bring your own necessities and other things as well. There is an entrance fee, however. I think its for maintaining the island's cleanliness and purity anyway, its not much, we paid around 100PHP per person. :)

Anyway, I think this post is getting a little too long, so I'll just make a separate post of our snorkeling experience or as I like to call it, our "water adventure" :)
Til my next post!

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