24 January 2013


On our last day in Cebu, we decided to tour the city and a few of its famous tourist spots. Since our flight was at 11:45PM that night, we had plenty of time to walk around. Of course, no Cebu trip would be complete if one does not go to the Shrine of the Sto. Niño  (baby Jesus) and visited the Magellan's cross. So, here comes the always expected explanation on what the Magellan's cross is. Basically, the Magellan's Cross is one of the first bench mark symbol of Catholicism in the Philippines. It was erected in 1521 to honor the beginning of the religion in Cebu when Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the Philippines and was welcomed by Chief Rajah Humabon and his Wife. Magellan also offered them the statue of the Sto. Niño among other things as a gift to mark their conversion to catholicism. Today, the Statue of the Sto. Niño and Magellan's Cross are located alongside each other; the Statue of the Sto. Niño is located inside the Basílica Minore del Santo Niño while the Cross is housed in a small chapel Kiosk just outside the church.

Little tip: There is a museum inside the church that houses most of the religious and historical artifacts about the Sto. Niño  and the church as well. it only costs 20-50PHP for entrance fee, there is also a small area where you can pray inside the museum. I definitely suggest visiting the museum if you ever go to the church since it will most surely be an informative and interesting place to visit.

After our trip to the church and the cross, we went to eat at one of Cebu's most popular lechon restaurant, CnT Lechon

Too bad we didn't get a chance to partake in the Sinulog Festival since we arrived in Cebu and left for Manila a week before the celebration actually took place! Oh well, there will always be next time!

Have you been to Cebu? tell me below what you think of the city and the places you've been to! :)




  1. I've never been to Cebu but would love to visit, hopefully this coming summer. Nice photos!


    1. Thanks Maria Alyssa!
      You should go this summer! Its a great place to spend summer vacation!



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