10 February 2013


Hello! I haven't updated for I think 2 days now(?) mainly its because I ran out of time to prepare my other posts and maybe if I were to be truly honest, I ran out of ideas to post as well. But tonight while wringing in pain from my monthly cramps (ladies, I hope you get what I mean..LOL) as I lay in bed trying to be as still as possible while downloading some of my weekly episodes, I thought of writing down something which I have just yet to discover or actually appreciate. As a girl, I think I can properly and honestly admit that I have what I call the "confessionsofashopaholic" syndrome. I think from my made up syndrome you get what I mean. I just recently got a credit card (which I requested from my mum to be just an extension of her card, cause I know what would happen if I got one for myself) and I have just discovered my fascination for online shopping.
Reading a lot of fashion blogs, I see that these bloggers often put links to the online stores that they bought certain pieces of their outfits from and so since I decided to look into these stores. I guess I could say that it wasn't one of my wisest moments to check these stores out cause with me just getting my very own credit card and all, I think I would have gone crazy with buying stuff if  I didn't realize that I am partially almost broke from the out of town trips I took last month, plus the fact that my bank account and wallet is still recovering from the very expensive holidays ( christmas and new year).

Anyway, I guess I'll share some of the online shopping stores I've check out and booked marked! 

This is probably one of the first international online store I visited and bought an item from, of course I havent received the item yet since I ordered it during the last week of January I think and I don't really know when it will arrive. What I like about sheinside.com is that they have a 15% discount for everyone who signs up and purchases their first item plus the fact that they also ship for free world wide.

What I like about ROMWE is that its almost the same as Sheinside in terms of shipping and product category. I think the only difference is that when you sign up in ROMWE, you get 20% discount on your first purchase instead of just 15% from sheinside.

3. Asos.com
I think ASOS is one of the more known online stores out there. I like their products and they also offer free shipping world wide. Out of the online stores I've mentioned so far, ASOS is so far the only one that offers fashion products for men.

4. Chicnova.com
Chicnova is an online store based in hong kong, just like the online stores I've mentioned above, they offer free shipping world wide and they also offer a 20% discount coupon for your first purchase.

5. Nastygal.com
Nastygal is a very fast growing U.S. online store with a lot of cool fashion products. If you browse their  products online, you can see that their style ranges from edgy to funky, cute to girly, flirty to sexy and everything else in between. They also sell, brand new products as well as vintage products and they also have their own fashion line. Compared to the other online stores I've mentioned here though, they are a lot more pricey but they also have a lot of cheap items, especially if they are on sale and on further reduction, it makes a HUGE difference and as far as shipping is concerned, I don't think they offer free shipping world wide :( Its really sad though cause I really like most of their items and even though I've also bought 2 items from them, I think I'd be extra hesitant next time since the price I paid for the 2 items combined is also almost the same price as my shipping fee, which I think is not that practical.

Except for NastyGal, the online shops I've mentioned above also accepts collaborations with bloggers to promote their products provided that interested bloggers meet certain criteria. To find out more about their partnerships, check out their respective sites by clicking the links I provided above!

So there you have it, 5 online stores I have found and bookmarked! LOL. These stores all offer credit card payments via the credit card you registered with them on the account you created on their site or via Paypal.com. You can also check out which credit cards they accept on their respective sites. :)

Do you have any other Online store to suggest I visit? I know asking is probably not a good idea for my bills and wallet, but I promised myself that I would discipline myself from excessive shopping and what better way to discipline myself than to face my weakness, right? :)



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