16 February 2013


Happy Valentine's day everyone! :)
Its been a while since I last put up a post here. To be honest, I've run out of ideas to post so as soon as I get an idea, I try my best to put it on here! So for thisblog post, I decided to list down a couple of blogs that I love to read or follow!

1. The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni
This blog is probably one of the first fashion blogs that I've ever really taken any interest on.
I guess its because she gives most of her posts a very personal touch despite the fact that I think its pretty obvious the amount of work that goes into every photo or post she puts up.

2. Peace Love Shea by Shea Marie
This blog is really pretty, from fashion to food to beauty to health, I like visiting her blog because its so simple and light. I dunno, maybe I just like how she presents her posts. :)

3.Gary Pepper Vintage by Nicole Warne
Travel. Fashion and Really nice photos. I like how she presents her photos differently from other bloggers, maybe its just me but I feel like her photos are simple but still dramatic in a way.

4. Song of Style by Aimee Song
This blog I like for all the fashion and interior design posts that is posted. :)

I guess I could say that I admire the blogger more than the blog itself. Having read her "about" page, I found out that she moved to another continent, a completely unknown waters and alone, then having to make it to be this successful, I wish I could do that too someday! For now, I guess I could just use herand her blog as my inspiration. :)

Simple, Elegant, understated edginess and a lot of travel posts. :)

There you have it. some of the international blogs I keep tabs on. What blogs do you like to read? share them on the comments below! :)



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