22 February 2013


Hi! :)
It's been a long time since I last posted something! So, first of, how was everyone's Valentines? :) I personally don't care much for this holiday so I don't mind not spending it with my special someone as I could always spend time with the person and the people I love any day. But for those who just love valentines, I hope you had a great time! :)

Anyway, I decided that since I haven't been able to take OOTD photos so for now, I'll be writing about my favorite blogs by Filipino bloggers. :) Most of these bloggers are the more if not the most popular blogs in their respective fields in the Philippines. So let's get started shall we? :)

Kryz Uy's blog is a combination of feminine fashion posts which she mixes pieces that are either edgy, rock, casual, girly and so much more! 

Elegant, Feminine but still mixes a lot of preppy, edgy but still maintain that girly feel in her outfits!

Not only is this a fashion blog, but Cheyser also posts some of her photos that she took herself. I like her blog cause it gives off a very personal vibe.

This blog is a combination of Fashion, life and something personal. I like how Vernica mixes up her posts with fashion tips, life advice and other random bits about her or her day. 

This is one of the very first blogs I've ever come across and actually loved! Her fashion posts are more colorful as she likes to wear a lot of accessories that range from neon colors, edgy, cute, girly and whole lot more. 

I like this blog because not only does it have fashion posts, but it also occasionally has good music videos at the end of every post. Why is that? because the writer, Patricia, usually uses song titles as titles of her blog posts! :)

From her Fashion posts to her travel diaries; from her gorgeous photo shoots to her love of macarons, Tricia's blog is definitely one to follow! :)

There you have it! 7 of my favorite fashion blogs that are based here in the Philippines! Btw, I listed them as is because this is an impromptu post meaning I was thinking of the blogs as I was writing this. In no way are they ranked in order because I like them all just the same! LOL! I know these are also the more (if not most) of the popular blogs and bloggers so if you know other blogs, write it down on the comment section below and I will do my best to visit each blog! :)
*photos were taken from their respective sites.





  1. Love this blogs too. specially those blogs by Enciso Sister. :) By thw way, would like to recommend one of my favorite Pinoy Blogs, It's the Scene Stealer by Ms., Lissa Kahayon. Hope you could check it out. http://www.lissakahayon.com


    1. Hi! I like te scene stealer by Lissa Kahayon too! I just forgot to put it there! As i said above I was just thinking of the blogs as I go along! LOL I'l put her blog on my next list hopefully! :))
      thank you for visiting my blog! :)


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  5. Reese Lansangan?


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