19 March 2013


Spending time with my friends is one of the best things I love! for this post I just wanted to share a few photos of how my friends and I catch up with each other. I rarely get to see them cause I live very far from them so whenever we have something to celebrate or we get a chance to meet up, I always do my best to be present. For this post, we had a few drinks to catch up with each other since it was also one of my friend's birthday. :)

We hung out at Agave Mexican Cantina at the Fort for their unlimited margaritas and chips and salsa for us to bond over. :)
I really like when we get together like this, I rarely get to see them cause of work and where I live so I guess I make a big deal out of our get togethers whenever I can. :D
This is actually my first time to try Agave and I think its one of those perfect places to go to just to bond over with friends and talk since they have promos such a unlimited margaritas and such. Playing good music at the same time doesn't hurt too! This is definitely one of the places I think my friends and I can keep coming back to.

visit Agave's FB page here (The Fort Branch) and here (Main Agave Page)





  1. i love mexican food! I'm from south America so i'm used to that kind of places haha it's awesome to hang out with friends! x



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