22 April 2013


Photo from Zalora Philippines FB page
Lately I’ve been obessed over online fashion stores. I think its pretty evident from some of my posts here and here that I’ve been doing a little bit of online shopping here and there. Although most of the stores I’ve visited recently are International Online stores, I think its time I introduce one online store that is based here in my homeland.

Zalora.com.ph is an online fashion store based here in the Philippines. What I like about Zalora is that they have a wide selection of brands that range from both local and international. They also have a wide ( and when I say wide, I mean, over 50,000 choices) variety of products from fashion to beauty to home d├ęcor.

Speaking of fashion, I also need to mention that not only do they sell women’s fashion but also men and children’s? I say, Zalora is clearly one of today’s one stop online destination for a quick shopping spree!

One of the many things I like with what Zalora has to offer their customers is that they usually offer a lot discounts and they usually have a lot of sales and as for their customer care, they ship all over the Philippines and offer free shipping for every 1,000PHP spent on your total bill. Returning Items for whatever valid reasons are also not a problem since they offer free returns as long as its within 30 days of receiving the product.

Another neat feature that Zalora offers their customer is their Cash on Delivery method for delivering their products to their customers. This means that the item you bought can be paid once it has been delivered to you door step. I sort of think of it as something like a pizza delivery; you receive your item then pay for it.

Interested to see what I’ve been talking about? Check out their website and see what they have to offer yourself! Visit www.zalora.com.ph

You can also connect with them thru their social sites, just check out the photo below :)
Photo from Zalora Philippines FB page

Let me know what you think of Zalora by commenting below!



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