29 April 2013


For our 6th Anniversary, my boyfriend gave me something I've always been obsessed with! I'm a little bit OC when it comes to my make up and other beauty products, even when it comes to my accessories so I always need a lot of storage.

Ever sine my mum got me my first set make up brushes for christmas from Suesh, I've become a HUGE fan of their products mainly cause they are really sturdy, pretty and affordable!

This beauty box offers a lot of space not only for make up but also for other products such as cleansers, toners and other canned or bottled products, it doesn't look very spacious but when you open it, it is! :)

I can't wait to get my hands on more of their products! I've actually been eyeing their concealer palette, nose and facial cleansing brush and their magnetic palette! Ugh, can money please grow on my bank account????

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