03 April 2013


Hello! :) 
Every year, during the holy week, my family and I always go to church together to do our Visita Iglesia. Of course we always did this at the church we were accustomed to but, this year, my mum decided that we should to our Visita Iglesia at a different church.
This year, we went to St. Pio Chapel which is found in Libis, Quezon City.I gotta say, this years Visita Iglesia was not what I had expected, nor was it one that I was used to.
When we arrived, there was a long line that led us inside the chapel for us to begin our prayers then after that, we were escorted to another line which leads to the 15 stations of the cross but before we could enter, there are a pile of crosses that are different sizes; from the size Christ carried to one that could be mistaken for a wooden sword (if you have a very high imagination, you'd get what I meant by that).
It was very hot that day especially since it was mid afternoon and the 15 stations were done out doors.I can't complain though as the whole scenery of the chapel's vicinity was very pretty.
For those who aren't really familiar with Visita Iglesia, its sort of a catholic tradition that is done every Holy Week here in the Philippines (I'm not really sure if its followed as much as it is here in the Philippines so I'm sticking to what I know about my country :)) It happens every Friday of the Holy Week and we say the Lord's prayer 15 times, one for each 15 stations. That's about it. of course there's more to just this during the holy week, this is just something I feel I can share with you guys (Plus, this is the only one I have pictures to share :D)

Anyways, how was your holy week? Where did you guys do you Visita Iglesia? :)




  1. Hi! What camera did you use for your photos? :)

    1. Hello!

      It depends, I usually alternate between a Fujifilm x10 and my Nikon D60 :)



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