31 May 2013



Apologies for the really bad quality of the photos! It was getting really dark by the time I got home so I didn't have enough time to set my DSLR and my tripod and my room was too messy to do an indoor shoot in, so instead, I had my little brother take my photos before it became completely dark! Needless to say, I need to train him a bit more on how he takes photos (seeing as he's the only one I can boss around now, baby brothers grow up so fast :{ ) so most of the photos he took were to blurry these were the only ones that were salvageable! The last photo of course, I took inside my room so it looks much better! I haven't used that pendant and earrings in a while, so I was glad I could bring it out and use it again! :)

I'll probably just redo this OOTD sometime in the future! Such a pity though since this was the first time I was able to wear these pants!! Oh well, There will always be next time. :)

LOL I didn't really talk about my outfit now did I? 
I wore this to job interview I had that afternoon at McKinley Hill, normally I wouldn't go to an interview with an outfit with such simple statements as my pants and nude heels and clutch, sans black blazer.
 I often go to job interviews wearing a simple plain blouse and a blazer paired with black slacks or skirt and heels that aren't too high (I only have one pair that is below 3 inches, mind you), basically I usually go for a conventional look since most HR offices here in the Philippines are still pretty strict about dress codes during interviews but I just couldn't help myself this time, there was just something about this interview that made me really just want to dress for myself and I just kept thinking that if they don't hire me just because of the way i presented myself, then they're the ones missing out on what I could do with the position I applied for. 

I know I sound a bit arrogant and I know that on job interviews first impressions are EVERYTHING but really, job interviews should really be more of the interview rather than the way a person looks right? besides, smart casual, business attire and office wear are three very vague words that can be interpreted differently depending on a persons personal style, right?

Anyway, what do you wear to job interviews?

FOREVER 21 Pants
FOREVER 21 Clutch




  1. love this outfit! Your pants are super :)


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