23 May 2013



Hello! Let's all take a break from my very rare OOTD and fashion posts cause I want to share with you guys my recent trip to Cebu! A few months ago I shared with you guys my trip to Cebu with my friends (click here for part one, two, three, four, five, six and seven). This time around, I went with my family fora short summer weekend vacation just before my brothers go back to school.

There really isn't much to see in this post but I just wanted to share some of the views I saw from my window seat on the plane. Manila is so pretty when viewed on a plane, especially in the morning! Anyway, I love flying on a plane cause I get to see bits of what my country looks like from a bird's (or a plane's) eye view like the fish ponds that fishermen make in different shapes and the the way the mountains, volcanoes and city buildings look from that point of view. I love  that you can see the differences of how one particular area lives from the hustle and bustle of urban city life to the calm and more native lives of those in the provinces and those that live near the sea. This makes me wish I could fly, even though I am terrified of heights(which is weird BTW, cause I really like flying on planes)!

Anyway, I included a photo of me and both my brothers respectively from when we arrived at Mactan International Airport. I'm still hoping to grow a little more taller cause as you can see, they've both out grown me! :(
Tune in for my next Cebu posts! :)





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