25 May 2013


After we arrived in Cebu, we checked in at our hotel called the Plantation Bay and got settled, we decided to go out and go around Cebu city. Of course that meant that the first place we have to go to is a place to eat. CnT is a restaurant that serves Cebu's famous Lechon, CnT is in fact one of the most popular places to eat whenever one is in Cebu. You CANNOT pass up the opportunity to go to this place and taste their lechon. I don't actually know what they put in their lechon to make it taste different, but when you try their Cebu lechon, you'll know what I mean!

BTW, for those who don't know what a Lechon is, its a pork dish that is very popular here in the Philippines, it is mostlye served during festive celebrations such as holidays like Christmas, New Year's, Birthdays or even the home-coming of a relative, Basically its a roasted pig on a stick (I know it sounds awful but that's how its cooked).

Anyway, after lunch we went back in our rented van and went around the city, Here's what we looked like inside the van on our way to our next destination:

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