01 May 2013


I have an issue with using port-a-lets, they're small (claustrophobe right here), dark, smelly and probably  infested with germs!


Last Saturday, my best friend and i went to the first ever Close up Summer Solstice Concert Party which was held in SM Mall of Asia's Concert Grounds. It was an EPIC night! Jump Smokers, DEV, Apster, Alex Gaudino, Afrojack, Cobra Starship, Cedric Gervais and a lot of other bands played through out the whole night! the party started at 4 pm and ended at 4 am (yep, its a 12 hour concert party!) but my best friend and I arrived around 7:30 pm, just in time for the Jump Smokers' performance! The whole crowd went wild for every artist's performance especially when Afrojack started! We also got to spot a lot of celebrities, bloggers and other artists but we were mostly too stunned and distracted to even take a photo of them! haha! I sure hope that close up will make this a yearly thing!




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