08 June 2013



This is a SUPER late post! Actually, most of my posts are already pretty late and now, they're about to become even more late! :(
It's friday night here in Manila and I am sort of starting to have a panic attack since I haven't completely finished packing for Europe and I don't know where to start! I need to re-organize my luggage since my newly laundered clothes have arrived and I have pieces that I want to take with me, plus I haven't even started on my toiletries and I still haven't decided whether I should take my laptop with me or not! HAY! Yet here I am, ranting about it on this blog post instead of actually doing some of the things I actually HAVE to get done! Can you say, procrastinating??HAHA!

Have you ever wore any of your college shirts or jackets or sweaters? I have and I love it! When I was in still in college (sigh, the good ol' days) I used to LOVE wearing college shirts, whether it be a school's shirt with the logo, motto or just the school name as a design or organization shirts from all the organizations you can join in campus.

In this outfit post, I wore one of my officer shirts since I was an officer for my degree's organization for about a year. What I love about shirts like this is that they can speak so many statements but only those who know you or who have similar ones usually know what its really about, its like an inside joke between friends, only those who are in your circle know what it really means. I feel like with shirts like these it makes you feel like there's a sense of unity with the ones who have the same shirts as mine but maybe that's just moi talking. :)

It also doesn't hurt that if its a school shirt then you know its automatically limited edition! I mean, how many batches reproduces the same shirt? seriously! Thinking back now, I realize that I should have bought as much of my organization's shirts back then! They had really nice designs and I mean the ones where you can actually wear it outside of school and no one will notice that its actually a school shirt! haay! regrets come at the end nga naman talaga!

Since I wanted to make my shirt feel a little bit lively, I decided to pair with with my animal print pants then I wore my booties from topshop cause I feel like it puts the outfit together than just wearing my usual black flats.
I didn't want to take too much attention on my whole outfit since I only wore this to dress down day at work so I only used a few accessories which I feel necessary; a watch and my owl bracelet which I love! Then I used my convertible bag/clutch so that my bag won't detract the attention to my actual outfit. :)

What do you think of my whole outfit? :D

FOREVER 21 Pants and Clutch/Bag
RAYBAN Sunglasses

I FINALLY GOT MY DRIVER'S LICENSE RENEWED!!! I didn't know that my license expired on my birthday last year so I had to get it renewed. I don't really drive but its handy to have a valid government I.D. with you at all times. :)




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