13 July 2013


After getting back from Lanciano, we prepared for one of what I believe is the highlight of our trip.
We were lucky enough to have our schedule for our Vatican tour to collide with the schedule of the Pope's papal audience, which is held every wednesday.
The Vatican is a small state, so I was very amazed with its whole infrastructure! I can't believe how some places in the world can actual maintain their historical infrastructure! How I wish The Philippines were able to keep a lot of our infrastructure as it were, unfortunately, poor maintainance leads the owners of said infrastructure to just tear it down and build a newer and more modern one. :(
See how beautiful that place is?!
I really wanted to try one of these but mum as well as the whole tour group were in a hurry so I had to just take a photo of it! :(
The whole Square was FILLED with people! I'm only 5'2 and a half so compared to the other foreigners in there, I had a really difficult time seeing the pope! :(  #shortgirlproblems 
Me outside the square with my new found friends :)

Tune in for my next Vatican post! :)



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