19 July 2013



Hello everyone! Let's take a little break from my travel posts and other posts cause I am so happy to make another post like this! I've been nominated again for another Liebster award by ms. Joanne SheppardThank you very much for this! :)

So for those who don't know, a few months back, I was nominated for a liebster award for the first time, I was ecstatic! i don't think I'll explain what the Liebster award is anymore since I did that on my first one but I will provide a link for my first Liebster award here!

1. Each nominee should answer the 11 questions by the tagger.
2. Choose five bloggers with under 200 followers to pass this award to and link them in your post.
3. Create 11 new questions for your chosen bloggers.
4. Go to their page and tell them about the nomination.
5. No tag backs!

Let's get started!

1. Where is Your Favourite Place?

A: That would depend, at home my favorite place s my room and the spa/gym, whenever I go out, I usually go to the mall.

2. What is Your Biggest Dream?

A: I don't really have one yet, but I'd really like to be successful in any career path I choose.

3. One Make Up Thing You Hate Doing?

A: Removing Make up. I mean seriously, its so easy to put on make up but its oh so hard to remove them properly! I also hate false eye lashes, I don't understand how people think they look so natural when they don't plus its difficult to put on and it's heavy on the eye lids!

4. If Suddenly got 1 Million Pounds What Would You Do With It?

A: Save and invest the half of it, then the 1/4 of the remaining half would go to my family and charity while the remaining 1/4 would be used for my travel and other expenses. :)

5.Would You Rather Find The Cure For Cancer or Solve World Hunger?

A: I'd rather find the cure for cancer. getting cancer is much more expensive than being hungry, anyone can find a way to eat but not everyone can avail chemotherapy and radiation and other medical attention needed to fight cancer.

6. If You Had The Chance To Be Famous, Would You Take It?

A: For all the right and practical reasons, yes.

7. Favourite Band?

A: Florence + the Machine as of the moment.

8. One Thing You Want To Do This Summer?

A: Summer here in Manila is over but if I'd get to re-do my summer, I'd probably go to the beach or go out of the country more. :)

9. Favourite TV Show?

A: The Vampire Diaries (KLAROLINER right here), The Carrie Diaries, Game of Thrones, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Bones, NCIS, Glee, Grey's Anatomy, How I met your Mother, Big Bang Theory, New Girl. I have a lot more, but I can't think of anything else as of the moment! :(

10. Your 'Staples' In Your Wardrobe?

A: Jeans, Shirts, Shoes, Dresses. :)

11. Your Happiest Moment?

A: I'm not really sure how to answer this since I can't just consider one moment as my happiest, I'm happy whenever I feel contented and whenever I achieved oneof my goals. :)

1. Maria Hazel from MARIA HAZEL.
2.Debbie from SHAPES AND SIZES.
3. Samantha Ferguson from FASHIONFIX HUNTER.
4. Monica Amenduni from MUSHJ.
5. Sunny from CATS AND CORN.

1. If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?
2. Give 3 word's that would best describe your blog?
3. Why did you start blogging?
4. Who are your favorite bloggers and why?
5. If you could be any character from your favorite book, who would it be and why?
6.Who takes your photos?
7. Who is your favorite actress?
8. Would you rather buy shoes or bags?
9. If you could spend a day with Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld, who would you choose?
10. If you could live in any other country, where would it be and why?
11.Tea or Coffee?

There you have it! Please don't forget to send me your links once you posted your answers! Thank you so much to Joanne for nominating me, I really appreciate it! :)

Much Love,



  1. Thank you for nominating me!


  2. Thank you so much Sarah! I really didn't expect this!(:
    Here it is the link of the post on my blog if you want to read all the answers to your questions! http://mushj.blogspot.it/2013/07/my-first-liebster-award.html

    loveee <3


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