24 July 2013


Just a bit bored today so I thought I'd give you all a break fro my self proclaimed OOTD posts and my European photo journal. Here I am playing with my photobooth, wearing my new favorite sunnies! I got them while I was inDubai with my mum, we went shopping for my brothers and I came across this one. Granted I found it at H&M's men's section and that I convinced my mum to buy it "for my brothers" but hey, my sunnies "accidentally" broke and I needed a pair to use while in Dubai. Needless to say this is now MY baby and a part of my collection! LOL.

Have a great day! and I hope its not as boring as mine!
Oh, by the way, I'd just like to announce that this is my 202nd post! yaaay! I was supposed to do this for my 200th but I forgot and so I think its much more appropriate to just say this on a more personal post. Don't you think? :)



I read all the comments :)