16 July 2013



So I'm sitting here in my room watching pitch perfect while editing this blog post right now. I couldn't think of a title and then I suddenly heard those lyrics! Can you guess which part I was already watching by that title? haha!
I attended a breakfast meeting with my mum at a hotel in manila for our travel briefing before going to Europe on Sunday. To be honest, I'm not a morning person, I literally hate waking up too early in the morning! I'm fine with 8 or 9 am but when its 6am and before that, I'm gonna have to set the alarm on my iPad, iPod touch, Cell phone AND my alarm clock! haha!
Now, the breakfast meeting was set at 8am in Pan Pacific Hotel which is located in Manila, so since I live in Quezon City (Fairview a.k.a. FARview, to be exact) so my mum and I had to leave the house by 6am to avoid traffic. That meant that I had to wake up by 5am which of course, I didn't do! I got up at around 5:30 and just started to grab any piece of clothing I could pair together. 

While randomly picking my outfit, I was also taking into consideration the fact that the breakfast briefing we were going to was a buffet, which meant that I was gonna eat the crap out of myself with Bacon! LOL (yes, bacon lover right here!)
I decided to wear a skirt since I figured it would be more comfortable for me when my stomach is too bloated because of the food I would have eaten, ansabe ng diet ko?haha! 

Since my skirt was already fitted, I wore a loose sheer loose top since it was very hot that day AND so that I could hide my bloated tummy after I've stuffed myself!

STYLE TIP: When buying clothes, always pick items that would not only suit your body type, but to also make sure that it can be styled easily and worn in multiple ways and in any season or weather.

To be honest, I found my outfit a little to smart casual or office-y for a casual buffet breakfast so I paired it with my current favorite sandals which I bought from Zalora!

NOTE: I might be over using these so apologies in advance if this is the only shoes you will see me in any outfit posts in the coming future! :)

I also decided to use my new rucksack which I got from Coco x Fifi since I was planning on bringing it with me to Europe so that I could put a bunch of souvenirs and items in it, and knowing that my memory always fails me when I change bags and I often leave some of my important stuff in my previous bag! This way, I get to use my new spankin' bag AND stuff all the necessary items in it while I still have time to remember them bit by bit! haha!

Love the bag as much as I do? check out Coco x Fifi on FB! :)

To make it even more casual, I wore my Fossil watch so that it would match the color of my top and my cross bracelet from ASOS which I was finally able to use after it arrived! :)
AND last but not the least, I used my flower ring which was a hand me down from my mum! I just love it so much that I believe it deserves its own photo for this post! haha!

Well, that's about it for this blog post! What do you think of my whole look? Did you like any for the pieces I wore? :)


FOREVER 21 Top and Skirt
PACSUN Sunnies
ASOS Bracelet
ZALORA Sandals (Flamingo)

Oh, and for those who couldn't guess which scene I got my title inspiration fron, here it is:




  1. I love the post; the outfit is beautiful!

    As well, I nominate you for the Liebster Award! http://joannesheppard.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/the-liebster-award.html?m=0

    1. Thank you so much Joanne! It means a lot to me that you nominated me for the Liebster award! :))


  2. Great outfit :) so pretty .. :D



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