23 August 2013


Somewhere I'd rather be. In my bed with my laptop or outdoors with some of my friends and loved ones. Feeling a bit down lately. A storm and monsoon hitting my country finally left but the sun has yet to show, I usually love a good gloomy weather if I were in bed but with everything that's just happened, I feel like everyone could use some sun. 

On top of that, I have sooo many backlog posts that I have yet to finish! Mostly its just my Europe travel diary which I suppose is expected; I've been gone for a month and I've only been able to post my photo diaries from Italy and Monaco, I have yet to edit and and pick out the photos from Spain (Barcelona, Loyola and Madrid), Portugal (Fatima), France (Nice, St. Lary-Soulan, Biarritz) and let's not forget that I also have a travel Diary for when I went to Dubai after Europe. Also I have a  few posts for when I went out of town with my family. I can't believe I went to so many places this year! I feel so blessed and I want to show you guys the places I went to but I just feel so overwhelmed with the amount of photos I have to pick from that I won't be surprised if I haven't finished posting these travel diaries up until the end of this year, at least! 

Anyway, enough ranting, I'll be putting up another post today so hopefully I can put everything back in some sort of schedule. Have a great day and I am so looking forward to the weekend! :)

**Photos taken from tumblr.



  1. Those photos make my eyes very happy.. I love tumblr hahaha
    Can't wait for more travel photos!


    Thia @ The Tale Thief


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