01 August 2013


Lately I've been having this annoying feeling that I need to totally redecorate my room. My room is SO tiny that literally, it has a bed, a long study table where I keep a bunch of stuff and 2 closets that are put together. I literally have NO ROOM to move! So now, I find myself looking at photos of tiny bedroom's to get a few ideas on how I can organize and maximize the space of my room. My bed is only a single sized one so if I go through with one of the ideas above, I'll be sure to have more space since most of the beds above are twin sized. Maybe I'll post a photo of my room one day to show you guys how SMALL my room literally is! Hopefully when I have enough money, I'll be able to do this but for now, I guess its just me debating where to put what and which to giveaway.

Anyway, have a great day!

*photos from pinterest


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