26 August 2013



A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to do something I've never done before: get myself a hair treatment. I know, I know, it seems such a shallow thing but honestly, aside from Shampooing and Conditioning my hair, I've never had anything done to it (aside from the occasional curling iron)!

I was contacted by Ms. Christine of Azta Urban Salon in SM San Lazaro to try some of their hair treatments and well, since I'm all for new experiences and since my hair did need a bit of lifting up, since it looks so lifeless nowadays, I agreed.

To be honest, I really didn't know what to expect since I've never tried any of Azta's services and I've always been picky on which salons I get my hair cut so being the little curious cat that I am, I decided to research more about their services. I was honestly really impressed by their list of services that I really felt like I wanted to try all of them!  But since I had no clue what treatment to get since it was my first time to ever do anything to my hair, Ms. Christine suggested that we decide on the treatment when I get there so that their Senior Hair Stylist could suggest the best treatment for my hair.
My before/mirror selfie shot. :)
When i got to Azta, I was honestly really surprised with their ambience and interior. It was so hip and, well, Urban (LOL!). I was seated right away and while I waited for the senior stylist Mr. Charlie Cabiles, I was given a few magazines to read.
It wasn't look before Sir Charlie, the senior stylist for Azta Urban Salon SM San Lazaro to inspect my hair and suggest a treatment that would best suit my hair. He suggested that I try the Ionic Keratin Treatment since I haven't really done any hair coloring or hair treatment beforehand. 
He explained that the Ionic Keratin Treatment is usually done to hairs that were either permed or rebonded so as to give extra nourishment and to strengthen the hair after being put through several chemicals but it would also be beneficial to my hair since it will be getting extra nourishment and make it even more healthier.
I just LOVE Keira Kightley's outfit here! I can totally see myself wear that! haha!
It wasn't a very long process, since my hair was so long, it took around 30-45 minutes for the whole process and then I got a little trim! :)
Here is my after/mirror selfie photo!

After the whole treatment, I honestly could feel my hair and scalp look and feel healthier. My hair strands look thicker (my hair strands are really thin, which is why my hair looks way too straight, people always have to ask me if I've had it rebonded or if its natural). After a few days, I also noticed that I don't experience a lot of hair fall which is a total plus in my book!
Ms. Christine and I.

I wasn't able to get a photo with Sir Charlie and the rest of the people who helped me because by the time I was done, customers were already starting to pile up so they had to accomodate other customers already. Oh well, maybe next time! :)

Overall I am so glad and thankful that I entrusted my first hair treatment experience to Azta Urban salon! I will definitely check out more of their services next time!

Thank you so much to Ms. Christine and Ms. Julie, Sir Charlie and Kuya Jerry for my super awesome first Azta Salon experience! :)

Check out their list of services here and visit their facebook page here. 




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