14 September 2013


Heading on to Lourdes, France, our driver decided to take a longer route which is through the mountains. I could probably consider that trip one of my favorites even though it was probably one of our longest and hardest (there were rarely any bathroom breaks!) time on the road because just being surrounded with a view like this was worth it. Of course at the time we didn't know that there was a storm that hit Lourdes so we ended up being stranded in a small gas station eating fresh cherries (I have a newfound love for cherries, thank you very much Europe for making me LOVE them!)while a herd of sheep were being brought down from the mountains. It took us about an hour before we were finally able to leave the station and head back on our way.

Even though the view was pretty gloomy, it didn't matter to me that much, I love the gloomy weather, I always preferred those than when it was scorching hot. Its the perfect bed and just being sentimental weather in my opinion. Plus some of the small towns reminded me of some scenes in Harry Potter and The Sound of Music, which made me even more happy and appreciative of what was in front of me! #potterhead.

Anyway, we ended up not reaching our destination in Lourdes as apparently, it was already flooded in Lourdes and thus, the road getting there were not passable. Luckily, our tour guide and leader were able to create a contingency plan as soon as we heard this and we were able to book rooms for an overnight stay in St. Lary-Soulan. It was such a pretty town! I wish I could have walked around but the storm was so strong and it was terribly cold!
We were very lucky to be one of the first people who arrived in St. Lary-Soulan because the hotel we were able to stay in had enough available rooms to accomodate our whole group! The Mercure Hotel was such a joy to stay in! Even though our stay in St. Lary-Soulan was unexpected and even though we were not able to reach Lourdes, I will treasure this memory forever! such a lovely place! Thank you Giovanni (our bus driver) for giving us the opportunity to see such beauty! and Thank you for taking the longer route cause if you didn't we'd probably be stuck in a rescue center in Lourdes rather than a comfy hotel. :)

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  1. Such a beautiful place. Maybe you should see Indonesia <3

    1. My friends and I are actually planning to go to Bali next year! :) I'm pretty excited about that! :)



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