10 November 2013


Travelling from Spain to Portugal, we stayed at Fatima mostly with just a day tour of Lisbon (Pity, really. I was looking forward to that) but I was really amazed at the story behind the Our Lady of Fatima. every night there was a mass followed by a candle light procession in honor of the Lady of Fatima around the basilica. the Basilica is basically built in the land where the Lady of Fatima appeared to the three children; outside, there is a chapel called the chapel of apparition, it is said that the chapel is built exactly where the Lady had appeared. Inside the Basilica is where the three children are buried.

It felt so surreal being there knowing that some time in the past, an something miraculous happened there to three children. I'm not really that religious but it still amazes me when I hear stories like that, it just makes me feel that there is something more to life than just logic and science and what we see on a day to day basis or under a microscope. It makes me feel hopeful.

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